Research & National Engagement

The Veteran’s Initiative at PBS, Stories of Service, is a multi-platform initiative created to share powerful stories of our military veterans and their families, and to begin new conversations about their roles in our American civic society too. Ambassadora crafted a research strategy and conceived of a national engagement forum that could support the desired dialogue and involve new participants and partners, which we identified.

Working with Jana was eye-opening as she made me see my program in a brand new way. She asked questions in our research phase that created new opportunities and became an indispensable member of my team.

Ron Pierce, Senior Director, Veteran's Initiative


Organizational Development & Management

The Horns Project/Horns to Havana, a New York City-based nonprofit, has been changing lives since 2010 through its work dedicated to instrument donation, repair and training; music education; and cultural exchanges. In the improvisational and exploratory spirit of jazz, it strives to fulfill dreams of aspiring young musicians in Cuba and works to strengthen the ties between Cuba and the U.S. using shared musical traditions. Horns to Havana began its current partnership with Ambassadora in 2013 to help build the program.

Organizations should be knocking down Jana’s doors to work with her. As my partner in growing Horns to Havana, she has helped build our team, develop a practical plan to raise funds, produce events and communicate our work. She also creates and nurtures new partnerships and is full of new ideas. Ambassadora has enhanced each arena of the organization in more ways than I ever could have expected.

Susan Sillins, Co-Founder/Executive Director


Curriculum Design / (Bilingual) Teaching / Mentorship

The Zahn Innovation Center is a nationally recognized startup incubator located at The City College of New York. It offers co-working space and an array of entrepreneurial resources including annual innovation pitch competitions; a startup boot camp; mentorship; pro bono services; networking opportunities; and rapid prototyping facilities. Zahn brought Ambassadora in to do the following:

(1) Create, teach and pilot a social innovation boot camp for young girls;

(2) Create and teach a bilingual social innovation strategy and communications day seminar to young women social entrepreneurs from the Yucatán in Mexico; and

(3) Mentor startup endeavors;

It was truly an honor to be taught by you. I learned so much and was self-empowered as wellJoyce, Student

I'm so glad I got to be part of the summer program. I knew so many things before entering my first day of college because of it. I'm so glad I’m able to use this different way of thinking now. Gabriela, Student


25th Anniversary Gala Sponsorship & Fundraising


Through developing, producing and presenting performance and cultural programming rooted in the African diaspora, 651 ARTS works to deepen awareness of and appreciation for contemporary performing arts and culture and to provide professional and creative opportunities for performing artists of African descent. 651 ARTS partnered with Ambassadora to support its first gala to celebrate its 25th anniversary. We identified and cultivated corporate sponsorship and worked closely with 651’s staff to design the most effective strategies, goals and content and to implement all effectively.

Ambassadora exceeded the sponsorship fundraising goals, introduced new individuals and corporations to 651 ARTS and managed the process until the last thank you letters were mailed. Jana possesses a hands-on management style that is never overbearing. Her ideas and contribution to the process were executed with professionalism, enthusiasm and pragmatism. It was a delight to work with Ambassadora, and I look forward to a continued relationship.

Shay Wafer, Executive Director