Organizational. Provide counsel regarding strategic planning and full-scale management needs for an organization or individual enterprise * Provide plan and implement * Provide interim executive director services.

Fundraising. Advise on fundraising strategy, ideas and implementation * Lead fundraising efforts with sponsors and funders * Suggest and shape grant opportunities, write proposals and connect to relevant foundation leaders.

Project.  Provide project management from start to finish to create the plan, coordinate the teams and execute the project successfully with reporting as requested.


External Relations/Strategic Partnerships.  Advise regarding strategies and partnerships that can advance mutual objectives and increase opportunities and impact * Create initiatives and implement * Recommend, direct and/or execute communications plan to market organization, partnership and/or initiative. 

Programming/Curriculum.  Suggest, curate, develop and/or produce cultural or community programs and/or educational curriculum * Manage programming needs ongoing * Provide experienced and integrated content instruction as an educator.

Thought Leader Development.  Craft strategy to establish client as thought leader in its field, area of expertise, etc. * Implement strategy on local, regional, national and/or global level. 

Community Engagement. Provide counsel regarding building ongoing authentic relationships with key communities * Develop plan and implement * Facilitate meetings with stakeholders and ongoing planning with them. 

Marketing/Research. Design research to review and refine brand identity * Conduct communications audit * Shape brand messages * Develop research and/or marketing plan and implement * Provide editorial and/or content development oversight.